Smart AI Trading

How does the Smart AI Trading work?

What is the Smart AI Trading?

Pretty simple. It is the best AI trading assistance you can imagine. It will clearly show you what direction to trade and where you should place your take profit and stop loss.

The usage is simple. You just click on one of the predictions and the AI will automatically calculate the direction: hold, long or short and TP and SL accordingly. You would only need to hit the "Apply to Order Details"-button to use the values.

In the future the advice for take profit and stop loss will be made by another AI. Right now the values are based on the so called "JohannesAlgo". How exactly that one works you can read here: AI Price Prediction Back testing results.

The three possible directions

You will notice that there are three different colours of the predictions:

  1. Blue - hold: In this case the Smart Trade AI wouldn't take the trade as the prediction does not seem to indicate a clear direction.

  2. red - short: the Smart Trade AI would take a short.

  3. green - long: the Smart Trade AI would go long.

Should I always follow the Smart Trade AI?

No! As said above this is still under development and the current Smart Trade AI Algorithm is a pretty simple algorithm based on the price predictions. You can surely trade how you like to trade.

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