5️⃣AIC Tokenomics

Tokenomics for the AI Crypticorn ecosystem. One token to power the world of AI trading!

The Crypticorn Token, symbolized by the ticker β€žAICβ€œ, is the foundation of the Crypticorn AI ecosystem, primarily functioning as a utility token. It will adhere to the ERC-20 standard. The token facilitates access, allows payment for services and products, and offers diverse benefits for its holders.

Primary factors driving AIC demand include:

  • Vast token utility

  • Burn mechanics: buyback-and-burns

There will be a total of 100,000,000 CAI tokens ever to be minted. The token ecosystem will be deflationary with a carefully designed mechanism of regular buybacks and burns. Through strategic buybacks, we will acquire tokens from the market, effectively reducing the overall supply in circulation. These tokens will then be permanently removed from circulation through systematic burns, ensuring a gradual decrease in the maximum number of tokens available. This deflationary model not only promotes scarcity and value appreciation but also rewards token holders by enhancing the rarity and desirability of their holdings. By implementing this robust mechanism, we aim to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem that fosters long-term growth and incentivizes participation from our valued token holders.

Initially, the AIC token will have a 2% transaction fee for both buying and selling. The buy and sell tax will be reduced with increasing market cap of the token to ensure a maximum growth potential. The tax can only be reduced, but not increased. 1% of the tax will be channelled into a marketing wallet to bolster project promotion and drive token adoption. 1% will be allocated to provide liquidity.

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