💱Active Traders (CEX/DEX)

Crypticorn offers the best day trading solutions for active traders such as unfiltered AI price predictions and a superior AI for small projects on decentralized exchanges.

Prediction Dashboard with Trading Terminal

At the heart of Crypticorn's ecosystem is the Price Prediction Dashboard, which is designed to be the go-to hub for all active traders looking to increase their profit margins. The dashboard will display our AI's unfiltered and super accurate price predictions in a TradingView Chart.

In addition, we will provide a smart trading terminal that will allow users to trade directly from our dashboard on the most popular exchanges. In addition to the price prediction module, the dashboard includes other features designed to maximise profits in any market situation:

  • Price Predictions: As of now - 15min close prices predicted 24 candles ahead (6h in total) with probability intervalls. The world's first real AI indicator that does not lag behind!

  • Trend Prediction: As of now - shows whether the price will rise or fall in the next few hours relative to the current price.

  • Economic News: Know exactly when the next market moving news are announced (CPI, employement figures, Powell's speech, etc.)

  • TraderGPT(soon): Ask your trading questions and get precise answers. Ask for patterns, news, just everything.

  • Trading Terminal: Trade directly on the exchanges (CEX) of your choice.

  • Many more feautes are planned (news, market regimes, volatility prediction, more time frames, next day Heikin Ashi, etc.) 🔥

All of the information you need is in one place. You will not need to go anywhere else. You have everything you need to trade profitably with the world's best AI technology for active crypto day trading.

DEX AI Trading Signals and Analysis

We trained an AI to analyse each newly launched token on decentralised exchanges (DEX) using all of the on-chain data we collected. These analyses are sent to Discord/Telegram in the form of DEX AI signals, which notify you of any newly launched token that has the potential to do 2x, 5x, 10x, and more!

We are monitoring and deploying advanced techniques to filter out all potentially fraudulent token launches. We use the most advanced smart contract checker available. Furthermore, we analyse:

  • Basic Information: Token holders' amount, clogged percentage, and market cap

  • Smart Contract Checker by Crypt2Date (Partnership)

  • Social Media Strength Indicator: Tells you how good the social backing of the token is

  • X-Prediction (coming soon): How many X could the project do?

  • Momentum Strength (soon): Identify how strong the momentum of the newly launched token is

We analyse the following new token launches:

  • ERC20 (ETH-Tokens) on Uniswap

  • Soon: SOL-Tokens, BASE-Tokens, BSC-Tokens

This is a must-have tool for anyone looking to trade on decentralised exchanges. Stop wasting hours checking each newly launched token when our AI has already done it for you. Find all of the information you need in one place.

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