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Use the world's most advanced artificial intelligence for profitable trading and investing

Crypticorn offers a diverse range of innovative products and services aimed at empowering traders and investors in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency. To ensure this, we base each trading solution on extensive analysis and predictions from our custom AI.

Our Price Prediction Dashboard is the leading active trading solution, serving as the central hub, providing unfiltered and highly accurate AI-generated predictions, as well as a smart trading terminal for seamless trade execution.

Furthermore, by leveraging our cutting-edge AI, we provide users with unmatched on-chain and sentiment analysis capabilities, giving them an advantage in the fast paced world of decentralised trading of new token launches.

For those looking for automated trading solutions, our AI Trading Bots use unique AI technology to outperform the market, adapt to various trading strategies, and ensure consistent profits across spot and futures trading on multiple exchanges and brokers.

Crypticorn's multifaceted and customised ecosystem ensures that every user, whether active or passive traders or institutional investors, finds the service they require. We are redefining benchmarks in the vast world of cryptocurrency trading.

AI Technology

Crypticorn uses state-of-the-art technology based on advanced statistics and mathematics, in addition to machine and deep learning methods.

Data Sources

We collect vast amounts of data from various sources, such as:

  • OHLC+Volume data from centralised exchanges (CEX) and decentralised exchanges (DEX): spot, futures, tokenholders, etc.,

  • Funding rates and fees,

  • Sentiment data, including the fear and greed index, X/Twitter, and Reddit,

  • Google trends and search analysis,

  • Economic news (ICP data, employment figures, etc.),

  • Google news,

  • On-chain data,

  • Advanced smart-contract checkers.

Data Preparation and AI Technology

We developed a data preparation pipeline for:

  • Data clean up and stationary tests (e.g. ADF-test),

  • Filling of gaps,

  • Adding of technical indicators,

  • Adding chart patterns,

  • Adding time series specific data,

  • Adding of domain knowledge,

  • (Pearson-)Correlation,

  • And more.

Following the data pipeline, we use a variety of techniques to forecast various targets (price, trend, up/down, volatility, market regimes, etc.). These are the regression and classification tasks. We use the following techniques:

  • Tree-based models such as LightGBM, XGBoost, CatBoost,

  • Neutral Networks like long short-term memory (LSTM), MLP/KAN, GRU, and more,

  • Advanced techniques like Kalman Filters, Savitzky-Golay, Heat-Equation, Hidden-Markov-Models (HHM), etc.

  • Combinations of cross-validation techniques with stacking, bagging, and ensembles of models,

  • Statistical methods such as the ARIMA-Family, GARCH-models and more,

  • Probabilistic predictions: conformal prediction, quantile forecast, prediction intervals, etc.

These predictions are then sent directly and unfiltered to our Prediction Dashboard or for our DEX signals on new token launches, which is designed for active traders.

AI Trading Strategies

We develop advanced trading strategies based on our predictions of price, trend, volatility, up/down, and market regimes. The goal is to build a portfolio of uncorrelated strategies that work together to generate profits in any market. For this, we employ a variety of trading strategies:

  • Momentum or Trend Following,

  • Breakout,

  • Mean-Reversion,

  • Intelligent Grid Bots,

  • Advanced DCA (Dollar-Cost-Averaging),

  • Based on our AI's Predictions,

  • etc.

We conduct extensive backtesting and employ a variety of techniques to ensure accuracy:

  • Robustness tests,

  • Various Monte-Carlo simulation techniques,

  • Volatility testing,

  • Advanced optimisation techniques,

  • and more.

Finally, you or our AI determine which trading strategy to use in the current market conditions to maximise your results.


The use of all of these sources, techniques, and methods allows us to stay ahead of the market and generate alpha, allowing us to trade profitably regardless of market sentiment.

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