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James is a seasoned professional, bridging a unique path from Applied Science, through the Armed Forces and into Human Resources. With a PG Cert from Cranfield University, he navigated from Germany to Cyprus, thriving in an international law firm, where he assisted in establishing overseas corporations and delved into the crypto space. Recently, James applied his legal prowess to two crypto focused start-ups, gearing them up for their market debuts. Being an early enthusiast of Crypticorn, he eagerly anticipates leveraging his varied expertise and passion for the projectβ€˜s forthcoming success.

Myth Development

Hydra is an extraordinary developer with 20 years of PHP mastery, fearlessly embracing cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech for 5 years. His coding brilliance extends to Solidity, Web3, JavaScript, Python, and C#. A beacon of experience, innovation, and adaptability, he shapes the future of coding and the cryptospace.

Belijal, an avid web developer, has a specialization in web design and the emerging web3 technologies. Over the last two years, he has honed his skills in creating captivating websites and delving into the intriguing world of web3. His proficiency lies in JavaScript, which forms the bedrock of his development work. His expertise extends to React and NodeJS, which he uses to infuse vitality into web projects and ensure their seamless functionality.

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