⏯️Token Utility

AIC utility expalined

Token Incentives for Holders:

  • Lower fees and exclusive discounts on the plans

  • Prioritized early access

  • Lifetime access

  • Pay for the fees

  • Access to the API

  • Access and payment to the third-party bot marketplace

  • Access and payment for the sentiment AI for NFTs/DEX projects

  • Voting rights for new features, services, changes and so on

  • Shared rewards and profits

  • Airdrops

  • Buyback and burns

Token Utility

  1. Lower fees and exclusive discounts on the plans: Holders of our token will enjoy reduced fees and exclusive discounts when subscribing to plans, making it more cost-effective for them to access our AI-powered insights, services and analysis.

  2. Prioritized early access: Token holders receive early access to our latest features, updates, and new products and services. This ensures they stay ahead of the market and have a competitive edge in their trading strategies.

  3. Lifetime access:By holding a certain amount of our token, users will have lifetime access to our platform, eliminating the need for recurring payments or subscriptions. The token equivalent required for lifetime access can be found in chapter 5.2. This is the current value of the token amount at any given time, even if you previously purchased tokens for less value and they have increased in value over time. This provides a long-term value proposition and fosters a sense of loyalty within our community.

  4. Option to cover service fees: Our token can be used as a means of payment for various transactional fees within our ecosystem. By utilizing the token for fee payments, users can streamline their payment processes and potentially benefit from additional discounts or rewards.

  5. Access to the API: Token holders will have privileged access to our API, enabling them to integrate our price prediction services into their own applications, trading bots and more. This facilitates seamless integration and expands the reach of our AI capabilities.

  6. Access and payment to the third-party bot marketplace: Our token can be used to access and make payments within our third-party bot marketplace, where users can find and utilize advanced trading bots developed by external providers. This creates a comprehensive ecosystem and enhances the trading experience.

  7. Access and payment for the sentiment AI for NFTs/DEX projects: Our token enables users to access and utilize our sentiment AI specifically tailored for NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) and DEX (Decentralized Exchange) projects. This empowers users to gauge market sentiment accurately and make data-driven decisions in these specific domains.

  8. Governance/ Voting rights: Token holders will have the right to participate in governance and decision-making processes. Their votes will influence the direction of the project, such as the addition of new features, new exchange APIs, modifications to existing functionalities, or strategic partnerships. For us it’s very important to have the community’s support.

  9. Shared rewards and profits: Token holders may be eligible for rewards, or profit-sharing mechanisms, where a portion of the project‘s revenue is distributed among the token holders. This incentivizes long-term engagement and aligns the interests of the community with the success of the project.

  10. Airdrops: Airdrops may be distributed to token holders, enriching their engagement and stake within the ecosystem. These airdrops can be based on factors like loyalty, participation, or token holdings, providing additional benefits to holders.

  11. Buyback and burns: Our project commits to periodic token buybacks and burns, aiming to decrease the circulating supply and potentially enhance its value over time. This deflationary mechanism benefits token holders by creating a scarcity and contributing to price appreciation. For Third-Party Bot Marketplace we have a special structure as users can only access those bots by holding or paying with AIC tokens. Upon payment the tokens will be split between the Trading Bot developers and Crypticorn as shown below. To safeguard our system, trading bot developers must maintain a specified token amount for acceptance into our Third-Party Bot Marketplace. Additionally, we‘ll roll out a „Crypticorn Verified“ badge, signifying trading bots that meet Crypticorn‘s rigorous standards, bolstering user trust in Third-Party Bot Marketplace applications.

By combining these incentives and utilities, our token aims to create a thriving ecosystem where users are incentivized to hold, utilize, and engage with the platform while benefiting from a range of exclusive advantages and rewards.

3rd Party Bot Marketplace

The user decides for a Bot on the Third-Party Bot Market places and pays with the Crypticorn Token. A share goes to Crypticorn and the rest goes to the developer of the trading bot the user uses.

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