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Who is behind Crypticorn?

Johannes, M.Eng. – CEO and Founder

Johannes‘ path is characterized by his pursuit of excellence and innovation. He specialized in mechanical engineering and his master thesis was awarded best master thesis by Porsche Motorsport. In his academic career, he was always among the top 10%. After his academic career, he ventured into scientific research where he focused on sustainable materials, soon leading his team and publishing influential research results. In parallel, Johannes founded a SaaS company that launched state-of-the-art crypto trading robots. His intense involvement in trading bots since 2019 demonstrates his technological prowess, especially after the launch of AI bots for stocks in 2020. As CEO of Crypticorn, Johannes combines his diverse skills and deep expertise, promising unprecedented growth in AI-based trading. With him at the helm, the future of Crypticorn looks promising and will redefine investment opportunities.

Máté – CTO

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Máté stands as Crypticorn‘s CTO, boasting six years of expertise in software delivery and SaaS. Early in life, a keen interest in technology spurred his co-founding of a startup, Dinify (previously Tabb), which earned top honors in a WTO-organized startup contest. Máté‘s accomplishments include significant contributions as a freelancer, especially with Controlme, and a remarkable collaboration in LivArt, visualizing stock prices as mountains. His tenure at Amazon highlighted his skills in software delivery, while his personal project, Sorosbot, attests to his prowess in automated trading. Beyond the technical realm, Máté is passionate about mentoring and exploring game development. Valuing transparency, he shares his work and findings across various platforms, believing this openness will be crucial to Crypticorn‘s success. Eagerly looking ahead, he‘s set to harness his vast experiences to redefine AI-based trading through Crypticorn.

Bastian, M.Sc.– COO

Bastian hailing from Germany has a wide range of skills and experience in finance, marketing, sales and operations. His career began in a technical profession, where he trained to become a certified technician. In his role as a project manager, he developed innovative building systems, demonstrating the ability to break conventional norms. In parallel, he ventured into event management at Kulmbacher Brewery, where he served as a team leader responsible for selling and marketing the brewery‘s in-house products at events. Bastian‘s commitment to sustainability led him into research and the world of entrepreneurship, where he specialized in environmentally friendly building materials. Along the way, he earned a bachelor‘s degree in business administration and a master‘s degree in marketing management. He has demonstrated adaptability in a variety of industries and has extensive knowledge of financial products, marketing strategies, and sales. These comprehensive skills underscore his suitability for the COO position at Crypticorn. Bastian is determined to lead Crypticorn to the forefront of AI-based trading and investing with his innovative spirit and leadership

Sarah, M.Sc. – CMO

Sarah, a native of Germany, has a diverse range of expertise in branding, marketing, and design. Her academic roots go back to Austria, where she earned a Bachelor‘s degree in „Design and Product Management,“ which later served as a precursor to her Master‘s degree in Marketing Management in Germany. This educational journey deepened her understanding of design, product appeal, and effective marketing strategies, especially during her master‘s thesis on product acceptance research. During her professional career, Sarah conducted extensive research in the area of user experience, particularly related to user behaviour in autonomous driving, using innovative techniques such as eye-tracking. As a marketing manager at a leading university, combining design understanding with strategy for digital and print campaigns. In addition, she freelances as a graphic designer, supporting startups in corporate branding and visual design. Sarah is certified in brand positioning, cross-cultural competency, and online marketing, which brings a wide range of skills to her role as CMO at Crypticorn. In her role at Crypticorn, she aims to build a robust brand identity, communicate the company‘s unique value, and position Crypticorn as a leader in AI-driven commerce and investment. With her diverse background and extensive qualifications, she will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to the successful development and marketing of the company.

Dachi – Full-time Developer

Hello, I‘m Dachi from Georgia. My fascination with cryptocurrencies and NFTs began in 2020. Before joining Crypticorn as a developer, I tackled numerous private projects to deepen my skills. An important chapter in my journey was my work with Johannes on the development of state-of-the-art trading bots, where I honed my craft and crossed paths with Crypticorn. Today, I am proud to work as a full-time developer at Crypticorn. It‘s a journey to innovation, where I‘m driven by using cutting-edge technologies for an impeccable software. My mission is to stay ahead of industry trends and consistently deliver excellence.

Zahid, B.Sc. – Backend Developer


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