🚪Token Service/Product Access Plan

Every investor that buys at least $300 worth of AIC tokens is able to use all of Crypticorn’s available services during the ICO + three month after launch.

Every investor that buys at least $300 worth of AIC tokens is able to use all of Crypticorn’s available services during the ICO + three month after launch. This includes all services for active traders and passive investors. When all presale rounds are completed the following access plans come into effect.

Active Traders

Pricing plans for the active traders services/products. You can access the services if you have a certain number of tokens.

Example: You have $AIC tokens worth 5,000. This entitles you to the "AI for DEX Projects," "AI News Trading Telegram Bot," and "AI Crypto Signals." You only need to keep the tokens and not pay anything else.

Service/ProductRegular fiat pricing [monthly]USD token equivalent

AI Crypto Signals

$50 to $200


AI News Trading Telegram Bot

$100 to $250


AI for DEX Projects

$150 to $500


Price Predictions Dashboard

$300 to $1000


The dollar equivalent will be calculated every 1st day of the month. Users have a 7-day window to purchase any outstanding tokens to maintain access if needed. Failing this, they risk losing their access status. This approach is designed to offer stability to the Crypticorn's $AIC token price, safeguarding investors from significant market dumps and stimulating buy pressure.

Passive Investors

We haven't decided on the mechanics for our AI Trading Bots yet. This decision will be made in collaboration with the community of $AIC token holders. Because each of the following approaches has advantages and disadvantages, we were unable to make a decision yet. Here are the various approaches:

AI Trading Bots

Monthly subscription fee based on the funds size:

  • Fees based on the amount of funds you trade.

  • You need to have access to one of the exchanges we offer API access for. If they require KYC for futures trading it might limit your choice.

  • Secure connection via API keys that allows Crypticorn’s AI bots only to trade and not to withdraw.

Performance fee based on the AI trading bot’s results:

  • Only pay fees on the wins Crypticorn AI’s trading bots do.

  • Individual and independent of the amount you trade.

  • Secure connection to the exchange via API keys.

  • How should the fees be paid? We do not want to have access to your funds in order to withdraw the performance fees automatically. That is why we need to talk about a secure mechanism with our $AIC token holders.

Crypticorn’s own Security Token:

  • A secure and regulated security token that enables Crypticorn's AI trading bots to execute trades wherever the AI determines is best based on opportunities, liquidity, leverage, and other factors.

  • The most complicated approach that must be regulated by local authorities. This is not the same as Crypticorn's $AIC utility token.

You receive discounted pricing and lower performance fees based on your token holdings. This will be discussed and decided with the community of $AIC token holders.

Third-Party Bot Marketplace

The Third-Party Bot Marketplace will have a different access plan based on the developer’s decision to market their bots via our third bot marketplace.

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