😴Trading Bots (CEX/DEX)

Let our AI do the work for you. Enjoy passive profits made by our artificial intelligence.

Crypticorn offers the best AI solutions for passive investors that don’t want to actively trade on their own. Everyone can easily use Crypticorns AI Trading Bots for CEX and DEX.

AI Trading Bots

AI trading bots will be available to all investors who want to completely automate their trading and outperform the market. Our fully automated trading bots will automatically adjust to each market.

Exchanges CEX / DEX

Connect the bot to your exchange account using API keys and let the bots do the work. You do not need to send funds anywhere. Your funds will remain on the CEX, and we will have no ability to send them anywhere. The bots will trade on the spot and futures markets. It is planned to expand the exchanges to include futures trading on DEXes.

Trading Strategies

Please visit our technology page to learn more about the technology behind our AI trading bots. Based on the different trading strategies and markets (spot/futures), the user can either let the AI decide on the allocation between the different strategies or decide for himself. Here are some of the strategies we will offer:

  • Momentum/Trend Following,

  • Mean-Reversion Strategies,

  • Break-Out Strategies,

  • Intelligent Grid Bots,

  • Prediction-Based Strategies,

  • etc.

There is no perfect trading strategy that works well in all market conditions. As a result, we use a variety of strategies that work together to achieve long-term, consistent gains for our users.

We provide a dashboard where you can select the trading bot you want to use and to link the bot to your exchange via API keys.


The latest backtests shows amazing results: Crypticorn´s bots are better than every buy and hold strategy. Our AI trading bot (+68%) outperforms Bitcoin (+15%) with ease.

Pricing / Fees:

There will be no monthly plan for AI Trading Bots. We will collect monthly performance fees (height to be determined) that must be paid in $AIC tokens. Simply put, you only pay when our strategies outperform the market and you earn more than if you bought and held.


Trade amount: 100k, 20% or 20k profit in the last month (better as the market), 25% performance fees means you need to pay 5k in $AIC tokens as fees.

DEX Trading Bot for DEX AI Signals (Under Development)

In collaboration with Crypt2Date, we are creating our own advanced DEX trading bot for the automation of DEX AI signals. The pricing will be based on performance fees, which must be paid in $AIC tokens.

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