💱Active Traders and Bot Developers

Crypticorn offers the best day trading solutions for active traders such as AI trading signals, unfiltered AI price predictions and a superior AI for NFTs and small projects on decentralized exchanges

AI Crypto Trading Signals and AI News Trading

Superior AI Trading signals for active traders that paves the way for beginners at the lowest price range. Distinct from typical offerings, our signals provide clear profit-taking guidelines, complemented by visualized AI price projections. This makes them intuitive and only needs the trader to place the order on the exchange of his choice.

We combine our special AI crypto signals with the fastest news trading bot on Telegram. You can easily trade the market moving news headlines with AI sentiment analysis on the best exchanges.

Price Prediction Dashboard with Trading Terminal and AI Trading Assistance

At the core of Crypticorn‘s ecosystem lies the price prediction dashboard, destined to be the go-to hub for all active traders aiming to elevate their profit margins. The dashboard will show the unfiltered and super accurate price predictions of our AI. On top of this we will offer a smart trading terminal that let’s user trade directly from our dashboard at the most common exchanges. As a standout feature, we will provide another special artificial intelligence that uses the price prediction AI to make suggestions on which coins to trade and even on take profit and stop loss. This will improve every trader’s result and makes it even easier for newbies to get into crypto trading.

Advanced On-Chain and Sentiment Analysis for NFTs and Small Projectss

With our in-depth AI expertise and leading-edge sentiment analysis we have developed a huge edge about smaller DEX projects and NFTs. We can leverage our AI system to profit from newly listed DEX projects and NFTs to analyse the sentiment on when to buy and sell to maximise profits.

API Access for Customized Trading Applications

Through Crypticorn‘s API, users can tap into both real-time and historical predictions. This will allow retail traders, developers, and even institutional investors to create and backtest own crypto trading bots and applications based on Crypticorn’s price predictions. This will further drive the adoption of Crypticorn’s artificial intelligence price predictions as developers are able to offer their bots through our 3rd-party bot marketplace to everyone and getting paid for this.

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