😴Passive Investors

Let our AI do the work for you. Enjoy passive profits made by our artificial intelligence.

Crypticorn offers the best AI solutions for passive investors that don’t want to actively trade on their own. Everyone can easily use Crypticorns AI Trading Bots or select a trading bot from our 3rd bot marketplace build by other developers. Our plan is to check the possibility to create a security token that gives Crypticorn the ability to act like a hedge fund (decided via token governance).

AI Trading Bots

AI trading bots will be available for all investors that want to beat the market by a big margin fully automated. Our fully automated trading bots will ensure profits in every market as the AI and the risk management will automatically adjust to every market. For this we will use a special AI that uses our other AIs price prediction to perform optimised trades with automated risk management and live market updates that will result in sudden price changes:

  • Spot trading bots for different exchanges and brokers

  • Futures trading bots for different exchanges and brokers

  • Options trading bots for different exchanges and brokers

  • DEX trading bots

  • DEX futures trading bots

We provide a dashboard where you can select the trading bot you want to use and to link the bot to your exchange via API keys.

Third-Party Trading Bots Marketplace

Based on the API access for developers we will provide a third-party marketplace for such bots. After evaluation of bots and developers we can offer those bots securely via our 3rd party marketplace to everyone who wants to use them. This will greatly increase the number of possible trading strategies for different markets, centralised exchanges, decentralised exchange, and different brokers for trading crypto, options, stocks, forex and more. Our augmented range of AI trading bots ensures that there‘s a tailored solution for every user.

AI Trading with Crypticorn’s Security Token

This is a plan for the future. $AIC tokenholders will decide about this in the future.

We are revolutionizing the world of crypto trading by offering a fully regulated security token that enables us to operate as a hedge fund. This innovative approach provides numerous advantages, particularly in the face of increasing regulations and KYC requirements for retail investors and traders, especially those unable to access futures trading. By utilizing a regulated security token, we gain unprecedented flexibility in managing user funds, allowing us to trade across centralized and decentralized exchanges based on liquidity. This means we can make informed decisions on position sizes, taking advantage of market opportunities in both spot and futures markets.

Moreover, our flexibility extends beyond cryptocurrencies. When our AI system identifies a better risk reward ratio in stocks, forex, or commodities, we have the ability to trade these assets, maximizing potential profits for our clients. With this level of adaptability, we outperform traditional API-based trading strategies. By participating in our regulated security token, users gain access to a passive AI-based trading solution that generates profits while they sleep, eliminating the need to search for an exchange that aligns with their specific trading preferences.

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