Simple SMA Bot

Explanation of a Simple Moving Average Bot

Crypto Trading Bot: Simple SMA

Here you can find out in detail how our simple moving average (SMA) bot works and what setting parameters it has.

As the name suggests, the Simple Moving Average Bot is a very simple bot with few parameters. This bot is based on the well-known saying: "The Trend is your Friend". Why should one try to act against the trend, so to speak against the current momentum of the market participants. So you can get in perfectly with the momentum and get out as soon as this changes.


It has been shown that this strategy achieves good results, especially with small time intervals. The strategy consists of two variable simple moving averages, one slow and one fast. A buy or sell signal is triggered by crossing the two SMAs. This is supplemented by a trailing take profit and a stop loss. We have the bot with countless parameters and different time intervals to optimize profit and minimize losses.

Settings for Simple SMA Crypto Trading Bot



Timeframe in minutes


Length Slow SMA


Length Fast SMA


Trailing Take Profit in %


Stop-Loss in %


Results from the Backtesting

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